Second day with the NOFD

All Fire Observers were picked up pretty early to be at Station 7 around 0800 am.

Our schedulled morning activity was a visit to the Fire Academy. A class of rookies graduate in about two weeks and they got burn simulations today. While they prepared to start the simulations, we toured the facility thru the trench rescue prop, the confined space prop, the 6 story drill tower,...

When the fire drills were over, we went to a nearby training facility where the instruct in industrial firefighting.

After lunch, a visit to the US Coast Guard Naval Station New Orleans was set up. These guys respond to a large, very large area. Lakes, rivers, bayous, swamps,.... They've about 20 coasties on duty per 24 hours and use 3 Long Range Interceptor II boats, and two 45' Response Boat Medium. We got a tour of the station and the guys talked about their regular operations and operations during Katrina and the BP oil spill. Afterwards, they took us out on the lake for a nice boatride.

Ryan Mast, our NOFD firefighter/tourguide, drove us thru the neighbourhoods who were affected by the storm, back in 2005. Today, almost 6 years after Katrina, you still see the damage of the disaster.

Around 0600 pm, everyone was back at their stations to spend the night and go out on calls.

Patrick and Carl got some fine New Orleans cuisine with a damn good Jambalaya!












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Waarom stoa je gie altid bie die mokken......?

Gepost door: Luc de pompier | 26-05-11

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Merci Luc da gij da ook opmerkt :-) :-) ;-)

Gepost door: Nathalie | 27-05-11

Ziet er weer allemaal "erg vervelend" uit, voor de thuisblijvers natuurlijk. Have fun grtzz Eric

Gepost door: Eric | 29-05-11

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thanks man

Gepost door: erik | 30-05-11

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