NOFD HazMat Team in action!

Dinsdagochtend werd de brandweer opgeroepen voor een mogelijks verdacht pakket in een Holiday Innhotel te New Orleans. Een vrouw had er een brief geopend waaruit een wit poeder vrijkwam.

NOFD 911 center stuurde direct de hulp uit voor een gaspakinterventie.

Verschillende diensten kwamen ter plaatse, de site werd afgezet, het pakket werd veilig weggebracht en enkele tientallen mensen en het hotel werd gedecontamineerd.

18 Mensen hadden medische verzorging nodig in een ziekenhuis, waaronder 3 brandweermannen en 3 politie-agenten.










April 12--NEW ORLEANS EAST -- Guests at a Holiday Inn Express were quarantined and 18 people were taken to the hospital, after a woman opened a suspicious piece of mail

"We were getting in our truck this morning at 9:30 to do laundry. As we got in our truck, the fire department and the police officers came to the main entrance," said tourist Joene Chenery of Michigan.

The Chenerys' were suprised to learn an employee at the hotel on Bullard Avenue had been exposed to a strange substance in an envelope.

The New Orleans Fire Department brought out it's hazardous materials team after a female worker called 911.

"She said when she opened the letter, a mist like powdery substance came out and she didn't think anything of it and continued on to work and once she got to work, her skin began to itch," said New Orleans Fire Department public information officer Jonathan Pajeaud.

The fire department didn't want to take any chances and immediately started to decontaminate workers and assess the situation. Several other agencies including the feds arrived and treated this situation as a very serious crime scene.

The fire department says the reason for the hazardous materials team was to decontaminate everyone inside the lobby and then later the lobby itself.

This included 12 workers, 3 firefighters, and three police officers. Any guests in their rooms were quarantined until the situation was cleared. No one in; no one out.

In the meantime, whatever the substance was has not been determined. But there was a return address, the woman told the fire department.

"The return address on the letter was LSU Medical Center and that was where it was mailed from.

While the envelope will be sent for testing, this is a vacation the Chenerys' will not soon forget.

"You never know when this kind of stuff can happen and where it's going to happen," said Bruce Chenery.

The FBI is taking the envelope to a lab in Shreveport for more testing. The car the woman was driving was also confiscated for testing.

Later the New Orleans Fire Department says the woman started to recant the story while she was at the hospital. The FBI will take over the investigation.

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